Alkali Metals has over 25 years of experience in Research and Development and it is approved as an 'In house R & D Facility" by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The company has spent 4.9 million towards Research and Development during the previous financial year and is putting continuous efforts in R & D to increase the cost efficiency through optimum material consumptions by improving the processes.

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Alkali Metals Research and Development Chemical Services

1. Custom Synthesis: The Alkali Metals synthesizes customer required chemicals by doing scanning the literature and doing some research / trials. It's quantity ranges from few mg to few 100 grams. For Gram Level Operation & Research 1,500 square meters laboratory is available.

2. CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing Services): It also involves some research / studies and quantity ranges from 500g to 500 Kg. For this service 2000 square meters, 3 floor Pilot Plant is available.

3. Process Development and Manufacturing services: The Alkali Metals process development activity is to manufacture the chemicals continuously and economically. For this service 2,000 square meters, floor multipurpose/provided facility to upscale from Pilot Plant to Commercial scale and established full-fledged production is available.

The company's commercial products and their development activity is based on in-house R & D, technology and engineering.

Our Strengths

  • Alkali Metals is expert in all types of Customs Chemical Services (CCS) which include Custom Synthesis, Contract research and Manufacturing services (CRAMS), Fee For Services (FFS) and Purchase Order (PO) type works.
  • Alkali Metals is having 25+ years of experience in R & D Chemical Services.
  • Alkali Metals is supported by all types' modern equipment (GCs HPLCs, LCMS, Mass Spectroscopy, NMR Spectroscopy) internally and externally.
  • Alkali Metals research department is strong in technical, business development & strategic process. With a large team of more than 20 people.
  • Guidance from the team experts for technical breakthroughs with respect to all types of chemistry related operations.


  • Alkali Metals is responsible for all technical operations in custom chemical services vertically.
  • It includes design & synthesis, scheme selection / route scouting to end a timely, qualitative, and quantitative delivery.
  • Alkali Metals also responsible for all custom research, custom manufacturing chemical services and process, varies from milligrams to multi-tons with stipulated time schedule.
  • Institutionalization of the critical business processes for procurement, communication with clients and out bound logistics to speed up the delivery.
  • Alkali Metals ensures the quality and timely completion of programs as desired by clients / funding agencies Provide Scientific and administrative leadership to project teams and created the quality and quantity knowledge within the team members.