Alkali Metals Limited

Alkali Metals Limited is celebrating its golden jubilee anniversary.


Starting in Switzerland

Alkali Metals Limited was incorporated in 1968, It was the first company to produce sodium metal in Asia


Coming to America

First company to manufacture sodium metal with in-house R&D capability


33kv electrical establishment in 1978


Moving to McCallister Street

6000 Sodium Cell Bus Bar system,which has won the invention award from NRDC in 1980


First company to get ISO 9002 certification in Hyderabad.


ISO 14001 certification by Bureau Veritas


‘Silver Trophy award for Technology Development in R&D from FAPCCI. ‘Outstanding Export Performance’ award by CHEMIXCIL

Audit from USA company, spreading its spheres to international market


‘Best Technology award for outstanding performance in the field of technology. Custom synthesis and offshoring capabilities initiate

AML products quality propelled company into the international market, which was assiduously cultivated by frequent visits abroad to Europe, the USA and Japan since 1992 and participation in International Exhibitions since 1998.


A New Beginning

The J.J. Pfister Knitting Company is sold to two dedicated former employees of the business.


Great grandson Kevin Keck

Plant recovery of by-product hydrogen from sodium amide plant, enabling energy conservation


Became a Public listed company, Listed on NSE and BSE


Started commercial operation in UNIT III


API manufacturing facility started

The Keck family is attracted by what is happening in the craft spirits world and decides to enter the business. They make plans to open their own distillery with Brian as Master Distiller. All product will be organic with base ingredients coming from Mike Noonan’s farm.


Celebrating golden jubilee.

The Keck family proudly chooses to call their business the J.J. Pfister Distilling Company, in honor of their family patriarch and his spirit of entrepreneurship and dedication to excellence.